The work of Frédérique Daubal is all about appropriationism and joyful diversion. On a daily basis, photos taken or magazine images pass through his hands to acquire a second life. Cutting, affixing of various materials and objects, painting with black ink are all operations that allow to de-figure and re-figure the contemporary faces diffused on glossy paper. Rephotographed, his surreal combinatorial, close to automatic writing, delivers a universe of visual finds, both sensual and caustic.  Her multicultural experience and eclectic practice lead her to a more conceptual work where photography becomes material to question our visual culture as well as our social masks. 

Frédérique Daubal studied Fine Arts in Toulouse before specializing in visual communication, graphic design and photography. At the Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg and the Université du Québec à Montréal, she acquired new skills to work in the manufacture of contemporary images. Based successively in the Netherlands, London and Paris, she conducts artistic direction work for brands while working in art schools and developing personal graphic expression. 

Marie Auger - Doctor of Contemporary Art History

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