Frederique Daubal's work lives in the surreal no-man's land, an imaginary space half iconic, half ironic. Her work playfully deconstructs, derides, defaces and deforms the very design world it inhabits. Its improbable juxtapositions seem to want to provoke questions rather than give answers. Absurd or thought-provoking? Random or on purpose?  Meaningless or symbolic? Homage or fromage? By finding the one degree of separation between two worlds apparently so incompatible, by unearthing the unlikely common ground between the glamorous and the mundane, Daubal gives us a possible clue to her true motives: a genuine, unconditional, almost child-like love for Life in all its facets - for the greatest and smallest, the overrated and the overlooked, the glossy and the gross. 

Luca Grelli – writer, creative director